Our workshops include supplies to make your own terrarium!

You will get a 6-8 inch round flat bottom terrarium (can hang or sit), choice of plants (succulent/rainforest), soil and décor elements like decorative sand, moss, rocks and bark.

In class we talk about proper plant choices, growing mediums and correct watering and plant care. Class members walk out of the class with a beautiful terrarium AND plant care knowledge!

Workshops are held on Sundays, starting at 12 noon.

Contact us for prices and more details. Class space is limited- so sign up early!

Below are the up-coming dates of our in house terrarium workshop:

*April 22 (Earth Day!)

* May 6 (Children's workshop! Ages 4-12)

*May 20

*June 3

*June 17

**Private group workshops are available! Contact us to make arrangements. A minimum of 4 guests required.

rain forrestMG_3547.JPG

A non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a spot.

To reschedule your booking for another date S&P will require 48 hour notice.

You can contact us at 647-351-9099 or email us at Stamenandpistil1@gmail.com for more information.