Let the democracy of green thumbs begin!


Stamen and Pistil Botanicals goal is to empower our customers to create the indoor oasis they envision. 

With the right knowledge, the right material and a little determination, anyone can grow  healthy beautiful plants.

With that goal in mind, Stamen and Pistil Botanicals offer not only ever-evolving material and possibilities, we provide the knowledge you need to create and sustain your oasis.


Co-owner Karen Newstead loves the simplicity and beauty of plants. With her keen eye for design and her background in art, Karen likes to use plants as a living medium of artistic expression. She believes that keeping plants in the home is like having a fine piece of art on the wall: it is the perfect finishing touch for your personal space.


Co - owner Audrey Flanders is a horticulturist with 25 years experience working with all varieties of plants, designing everything from exterior landscapes to interior plant design. An expert in plant care, Audrey has helped many people keep their works of art alive and beautiful.