Stamen & Pistil Botanicals has an ever-evolving selection of small to large tropicals, cactus and succulents. We take pride in offering unique, high quality products to our customers. If you are interested in a specific plant that we don't have in stock- let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.



Gritty Mix

Cacti and succulents generally prefer to grow in a medium that doesn't crush their roots, does not hold moisture too long and has air pockets which allow the roots to work their way down and anchor the plant.

With that in mind, S&P has developed a perfect medium for growing your desert plants.

Using six ingredients, it is hand mixed to give an even consistency and a beautiful texture.


Good drainage is essential for tropical plants, especially when they're placed in containers where water can't move as freely as it does in loose, rich, jungle soils. Tropicals don't do well when their roots stay wet and soggy in poor draining soil.

Our soil is an ideal mix for your tropical plants. It is made with organic matter, it is light weight and well draining which will help maintain your plants health and beauty.

Both soils are sold in bulk, so you can get as little or as much as you need!